Adult Learning

Learners of Every Background, Interest and Stage of Judaism


We’ve all heard the expression, “You are what you eat.” In Judaism, we agree but we might also add, “We are what we study.” What does Judaism offer to us about our world? How does our faith help us to struggle and bring meaningfulness with the big questions of our contemporary lives?

Our learning opportunities are open to learners of every age, stage and background. From young adults to seniors, we have topics that cover a wide variety of interests and scheduled at various times around busy schedules. They are aimed to help us find meaning in our lives, to challenge us, engage our minds and inspire us to be better people. 

Are you new to Judaism and exploring Judaism for the first-time?

Are you a non-Jewish spouse, or lifelong Jewish learner?

We strive to create learning environments that are both engaging and participatory.


Some of Our Adult Learning Program Includes:


Weekly Torah Discussion and Study Group 


A Monthly Book Group “Books and Bagels”

Conversion Classes

Sunday Morning Lox and Bagel Brunches  

Movie Nights with "Jewish-Themed" Films

 “Judaism 101” 

Upcoming Congregational Trips and Programs:

Congregational Trip to Israel, Adult Hebrew, Adult Bnai Mitzvah