Our Rabbi

Raised in Maryland, Rabbi Ari Plost has led a resurgence of Jewish life and Jewish activity in our community where our congregation has experienced a surge in membership growth and activity. Rabbi Plost serves as the President-elect of the Hagerstown Area Religious Council, an active interfaith coalition of 35 faith communities. He also serves on the Washington County Board of Education Diversity Initiative as the Co-Chair, the Ethics Commission of the City of Hagerstown and the Pastoral Advisory Board of Meritus Hospital. 




Rabbi Plost is a member of the Central Conference of American Rabbis of Reform Judaism, a former member of the Rabbinic Cabinet of the Jewish Federation of North America and a former member of the Commission of Social Action of the Reform Movement of Judaism.



Our rabbi graduated with Honors from Swarthmore College, has a Masters Educational Administration degree from Xavier University and a seminary degree from Hebrew Union College from which he was ordained and received awards in leadership and communal relations. His rabbinical thesis focused on the moral role of Judaism in the greater society. Before attending rabbinical school, Rabbi Plost worked in a variety of social causes including helping to build the Alliance for Middle East Peace, a coalition group of over 80 grassroots organizations dedicated to peace in Israel.




Rabbi Plost is married to his wife Michelle, an enthusiastic and dedicated elementary school teacher. Together, they are the proud parents of two children, Preston and Reese. 






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