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Are there Jews in our region? You bet. We believe this is a GREAT area and community to be Jewish.

Congregation B'nai Abraham is a warm, inclusive and nurturing community of over 120 years. We have a full-time rabbi, a religious school, weekly Shabbat services, learning opportunities and so much more! 

Looking for a Jewish Home?

Are you Jewish and looking to connect to other Jews? We would love to meet you. You certainly do not need to become a member to just come by and say, "shalom." Membership in our congregation isn’t based on how much you give. We don’t even use the word “membership dues” in any of our  language, anywhere. We have a suggested annual commitment that follows these guidelines:

  • No one is ever turned away based on what you give.
  • What you give is held in strict confidence by our treasurer.
  • Our first year is free to all new members (to try us out).

Looking to Get Married to a non-Jew?

Are you married or thinking of marrying someone who isn't Jewish? We're honored to be invited into your lives and to dignify your choice. Many of the members of our community are non-Jews who have been married to Jews in our congregation. They have been warmly welcomed and embraced fully in our congregation for years. We are blessed by their support and dedication as members of our Jewish family.

Looking to Convert?

Rabbi Plost is thrilled to be helpful to those who are on a religious journey and interested in exploring Judaism.  The process of becoming a Jew is through conversation and learning.  Jews do not actively seek converts, but we are very open to those who might be exploring a choice of religion and see Judaism as a viable choice. Many of our members come from different faith-backgrounds, including leaders of our congregation and even, past-presidents of our congregation. We believe that there are many ways to relate to Judaism - there is no single way for we are all created unique!  Under the supervision of our Rabbi, we warmly welcome those who are exploring and questioning and might be drawn to Judaism. Reaching out to our rabbi is not an obligation to continue forward on a process of Judaism. Some choose upon reflection that Judaism is not the right "fit," while others change their minds for personal or family reasons. 

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