Beth Armel made a significant contribution to the development of our new web site in her creative talants that she lent to our new "marketing" identity. Beth's taste, positivity and enthusiasm are all reflected in our online spirit. A longtime member of our community, she raised her daughter in our congregation and served in many leadership roles. As a new rabbi of the congregation, I benefited by measures she took to help me and to  give me important advice and guidance. Stricken with a debilitating illness, Beth visited with me in her home on many occasions. Because I wanted to make sure she felt a connection to the ongoing activity of the congregation, I reached out to her to support us on this project. I am sad that she never saw the full fruits of her efforts on this project, but her spirit endures and her memory endures. We remember her for all she did - far beyond the efforts of this site. Beth embodied what is true of our congregation. We are a congregational family. We find ways to support each other towards new heights, to always find connection with each other and, in our struggles of life, to be there for each other. I miss you Beth. We miss you.




We would also like to thank the efforts of Jerry Falke who helped us to launch an online presence many years ago. He was willing to "let go," on this project for the next generation. Even so, without his continuing support, advice and involvement, this site would not be what it is. Thank you Jerry for all that you do for our community.